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Academic Advising and Course Registration

Good academic advice is an important contributor to student success. Our advisors strive to enroll you in the best courses to further your goals. All Honors students are assigned to an Honors College advisor based on the student's major field. Honors College advisors supplement advice offered through University Advising and their major departments. Your Honors College advisor will monitor your progress through DARS, register you for your courses, and help you to better understand your certificate and degree requirements.

Meeting regularly with your advisor affords you an opportunity to get to know a faculty member well and to obtain quality counseling and mentoring from someone with direct experience of the program and the campus. Your advisor can also be a valuable conduit to scholar development opportunities and other enriching educational experiences.

To find your Honors advisor, check the Advising Schedule below:

Honors Advisors (PDF 23KB)- List of Honors College Advisors according to Major.

Student Advising Syllabus (PDF 412KB)

General Advising for your major.


University Bulletin

Honors College Course Descriptions

Pre-Registration Form (PDF 115KB)