Since its founding in 1990, the Pierre Laclede Honors College has remained steadfast in its commitment to our students to provide an exemplary and affordable liberal arts education. This is accomplished through small classes, scholarships, and personal attention and advising for each student. The development of critical thinking, analytical skills and excellent writing is stressed to ensure that our graduates are prepared for all of life's challeges.

This unique educational opportunity offered by the Honors College would not be possible without the philanthropic support of each member of our campus family - alumni, friends, parents, students, faculty, and staff.

Your philanthropic support of the Pierre Laclede Honors College is a gift which allows our students to share in a wonderful educational experience that is a foundation for all the years of their lives. We offer our benefactors various opportunities to invest in the future of our students.

  • You are welcome to make a gift online.
  • Checks can be made payable to UMSL Honors College and mailed to:
    University of Missouri-St. Louis, One University Blvd., Woods Hall, St. Louis, MO 63121
  • For more information on making a gift of appreciated assets, a pledge payable over a period of time, a gift to one of our existing scholarship funds or to create a new scholarship, please contact Deborah Godwin at (314) 516-4736 or
  • If your company has a matching gift program, (an employer-sponsored program to encourage philanthropy among company employees in support of their chosen charity or organization), you may be able to significantly increase the impact of your gift. Your human resources representative can tell you if your company has a matching gift program and can provide you with the necessary form, which you may complete, sign and send to the address listed above.