American Record Guide

January/February 1991
Adler: Toccata, Recitation & Postlude;
Two Meditations; Reflection; Wind Songs
Locklair: Rubrics; Ayre for the Dance;
Pageant for Sally; Inventions
Barbara Harbach, organ -- Gasparo 277 -- 70 minutes

This is a terrific disc. Dan Locklair is a fine composer; his music is tonal and expressive. While Locklair's music has a personality of its own, I could not help be reminded of Leo Sowerby. Not all of Locklair's work is of that level -- several of the Inventions are not. Also, I would have appreciated a bit more diversity in the registration.

Samuel Adler's music reflects a strong personality and superb compositional skills. I have always cherished several tapes I have of his early orchestral music. His early symphonies need to be recorded. The works on the disc -- most from before 1960 -- are all excellent. Wind Songs is a more recent piece (1987). While I have found some of his later works less fluent, Wind Songs is among the best in this collection.

The playing of Barbara Harbach is joyful and enthusiastic; recorded sound is very good.

K Miller

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