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4/02/2002; 03/17/2004; 10/08/2006; 07/01/2008


Standard Operating Procedures

Front Desk Medical Record Review

Center for Eye Care


I. Review superbill for completeness and accuracy

    1. patient demographics

    2. 3 required signatures with verification

      a. patient

      b. attending optometrist

      c. student

    3. ICD-9 codes

    4. CPT codes

    5. insurance information

    6. next appointment time

    7. financial information

      a. charges

      b. adjustments

      c. payments

II. Review Compulink Practice Management (Eyecare) database for completeness and accuracy of financial transactions

    1. charges

    2. adjustments

    3. payments

    4. attending optometrists performing service

    5. financially responsible party

III. On the Eyecare financial screen indicate

    1. insurance authorization numbers

    2. attending optometrist for Medicare

V. Enter in Eyecare database

    1. correct insurance policy number

    2. date of release (original date of service)

    3. clear inactive insurance carriers

VI. Make necessary corrections

    1. notify attending optometrists and students of the need for corrections before checkout

    2. notify Center Manager of continued need for repeated corrections