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This is the first draft of our note on "Teaching Newton with anticipation..." (1,2,3,4), archived here, on an ``anyspeed-smart'' way to introduce mechanics, in high school as well as university. The work is also presented in an abstract to the American Association of Physics Teachers Winter 1998 Meeting. To paraphrase a comment made by Professor Peter Handel at a recent colloquium on the subject, you will find here a "vaccine" made from the space-time meme rendered safe for intro physics students, to empower them now AND avoid unwanted side-effects on encounter with the full meme later! For those who think its time we stop introducing physics as though the 20th century didn't yet happen, you will find a useful approach to discuss with students, teachers, publishers, and authors of texts. 15oct97/pf
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  • Cite as arXiv:physics/9710013 ( archive, Los Alamos NM, 1997).
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  • For more on this subject, including on-line acceleration solvers, abstracts of past & upcoming talks, puzzlers, graphics, and other references, see our table of contents on map-based motion at anyspeed.
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