Pioneers and Pitfalls of Deep Simplification


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Table of Contents

Pioneers and Pitfalls of Deep Simplification

Outline of Talk

What is Deep Simplification?

Example: The Metric Equation

Visualizing Simplifications

The Climber’s Point of View...

Ed Jaynes as a finder of paths

Simplifications from Jaynes ‘57

Ed’s “distinction” in PR 106 (1957) 620-630

Thermodynamics as Usually Taught

Thermodynamics with benefit of Jaynes distinction

What have I been teaching all these years?

Gambling with Heat

The Engines of Life

Excitations and Codes

Action Items

Author: Philip Fraundorf


Other information:
Invited talk for Friday 16 Oct 1998, delivered in St. Louis MO at Washington University's Memorial Symposium on "The Legacy of Edwin T. Jaynes".

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