Small is a really big place
(local stories in blue*)

Outline of a 15 Nov 2006 talk for the Science Seminar
sponsored by the Academy of Science - St. Louis
at the Saint Louis Zoo Living World. This was adapted also
for 3 Feb 2007 Saturday Scholars talks in O'Fallon & Edw
Illinois for HS's across St. Clair & Madison Counties.

  1. Size Powers of Ten
    1. MultiScale Size: Help wanted if you have neurons to spare.
    2. Nanodetective Adventures in Missouri's nanoWorlds
      • Nano-iron & ico/micelle self-assembly*
      • Next generation processors & memories in silico*
      • Nanofiber & tube gymnastics*
      • Extraterrestrial materials esp. circumstellar dust in labs on earth*
  2. Forward and Back in Near Time and Far
    1. Astrobiology
    2. Mid-Talk Reality Check
  3. Correlations from Small to Large
    1. MultiScale Complexity
    2. Social Informatics
    3. Spectacle Transition: Neolithic to MultiScale