Lattice Fringe Practicals [CALC]#
  • If magnification is [k×], then a micron-sized object is [mm] in the image. No math required to say this!
  • If an object or region is [mm] wide on the image, then its actual width is iwidth/mag = [microns].
  • After digitizing at [dpi], [pixels] on the image takes up npix/(mag×dpi)= [Å] on the specimen.
  • A [nm] scalebar is d×mag×dpi= [pixels] wide.
  • For the power spectrum of a region [pixels] on a side, the camera constant is npix/(mag×dpi)= [pixel-Å].
  • If power-spectrum spot-pair separation (2g) is [pixels], the periodicity (d-spacing) is camcon/g= [Å].
Note: Edit values in red & green text, then press [CALC] to update values & increment #. Red text values are used in all subsequent calculations.

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