Your leaf/solar-cell needs: [CALC]#

  • Assume that average sunlight is [watts/m2].
  • Food energy of [Calories/day] => [watts].
  • Photosynthesis at % efficiency then requires
    [m2] or a leaf [feet] in diameter.
  • Electric energy of [kwh/month] => [watts].
  • Natural gas at [cubic feet/month] => [watts].
  • Gasoline at [gallons/month] => [watts].
  • Silicon capture of [watts] at % efficiency requires [m2] or a cell [feet] in diameter.
  • Note2: Corrections for flame-temperature free energy are not yet included.

Note: Edit values in red & green text, then press [CALC] to update values & increment #. Red text values are used in subsequent calculations.

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