Interpretive Cartooning Festival

for the "Deep and Simple" Content-Modernizing of Introductory Physics Texts

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UM-StL Physics & Astronomy's Scanned Tip and Electron Image Lab

What's New - If you thought "black on white" was your only choice, check out Kevin Saff's interpretation of The Andromeda Puzzler (Set 2) below!

This is an informal competition for alternative illustration of panel-sets we encounter in the context of our curriculum modernization efforts here at UM-StL. Two candidate panel-sets are offered at present, both from our anyspeed engineering construction. Entries should be submitted by e-mail to with subject header: "cartooning". This can be done by providing a web address for the submitted panel set, or (possibly) by e-mailing the submitted set as a binary attachment in some standard image format (e.g. GIF or JPG).

Please tell us if it is OK with you for us to thumbnail and display your panel-set on this page, along with whatever acknowledgement you request in the e-mail, if we can marshal the resources to do so. Caution: Once the image is placed on the web, of course, it might go anywhere from there (i.e. it's wavefunction becomes delocalized), so you may want to send us only a lower resolution (but readable) version so that prospective publishers need to contact you for the original. Contact information for the copyright holder, should we discover other possible places that your submission might be published, may be helpful as well.

Panel Set 1: The Speeding Clock Problem

Entry 0: Scribbled by P. Fraundorf

Interpretation 1: Submitted by [...]

Panel Set 2: The Andromeda Puzzler

Entry 0: Scribbled by P. Fraundorf

Interpretation 1: Submitted 21 August, 1998, by Kevin Saff

Interpretation 2: Submitted by [...]

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