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Template for
Twenty-Sided Turn-Overs, St. Louis Style
using a Mathematica-Constructed Klein Bottle

A 3-cycle 30-frame icosahedral roll:

Tumble a real two-ton atomic-resolution microscope here

  • What is this stuff? Here's a note that may help.
  • At UM-StLouis see also: anyspeed, cme, i-fzx, progs, si-river, stei-lab, & wuzzlers.
  • For source, cite URL at http://www.umsl.edu/~fraundor/a1toc.html
  • Version release date: 17 Jun 97.
  • Since reset, views served up.
    Note: If you replicate this strategy to some useful end, a note to that effect would be appreciated. (Thanks! /pf :)