Eliot T. Miller

Behind C-Camp in Denali, NP. Photo credit: Mark Paulson

Academic Affiliations:

Biology at UMSL
Yanayacu Biological Station Macquarie University Whitney Harris World Ecology

30 August 2013: Sarah Wagner and my paper--the first to include any of our field data--on the vocalizations and species status of Meliphaga fordiana and M. albilineata has been accepted at Emu. Also, a product of the fantastic NesCent working group spearheaded by Amy Zanne and Will Cornwell has just been accepted at Journal of Ecology.

18 July 2013: phylospacer now allows users to specify their own colors by which to scale the phylospace. See example.

17 July 2013: Fixed the problem with lines coloring in the wrong direction in phylospacer. Functioning package available on GitHub. See my R Phylo Code page for details.

16 July 2013: Made a semi-functioning package called "phylospacer" to make phyloclimate and phylomorphospace figures. It can be installed directly from GitHub. Go to my R Phylo Code page for details.

12 July 2013: Took down phyloclimatespace function. Adding a lot of utility to the function and turning it into a package. If you want to use the package, let me know and I'll add your name to a list of people to email when it's ready.

8 July 2013: Updated phyloclimatespace function to include ability to add species' labels to points and/or node labels to internal nodes. There is a label offset for the species labels if desired. This option only works well if the x & y axes are on similar coordinates

4 July 2013: Uploaded phyloclimatespace function to R Phylo code.

18 June 2013: Paper "Niche conservatism constrains Australian honeyeater assemblages in stressful environments" with Amy Zanne and Robert Ricklefs accepted at Ecology Letters. Updated R Phylo Code section to include various functions used in the paper.

About myself:

    I am a natural historian at heart.

    Natural history provides us with the background information to pose sound and interesting ecological and evolutionary questions. This relationship was what drew me to this field, and it is from this intersection that my interests arise.

    Many questions appeal to me. I am fascinated by seed dispersal and other movement patterns in intact and in fragmented landscapes. Speciation, competition exclusion, habitat filtering, and community ecology are what interest me most.

    In fall 2008 I entered the PhD program at the University of Missouri, St. Louis. My sage advisor is Bob Ricklefs. I also work with the Zanne Lab. In addition to these wonderful people I receive wisdom from my committee: Bette Loiselle, John Bates and Iván Jiménez.

    In June 2011 I entered the cotutelle program at Macquarie University in Sydney. This means that I am co-advised by Mark Westoby and the awesome Comparative Ecology Group.

    My dissertation focuses on elucidating the patterns of phylogenetic community structure along environmental gradients, exploring potential factors that shape these patterns, and quantifying the concordance of morphological and ecological traits. To address these questions I am working with the Australian Proteaceae (plants) and Meliphagidae (birds). I have finished my fieldwork in Australia, and am working on writing up my results for completion of my dissertation.

eliotmiller "AT" umsl.edu

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