Why UMSL / Economics?


Nearly every decision that a person, business, or government makes falls under the purview of economic analysis. In economics course work, students learn to think analytically and apply their knowledge to a broad range of topics and problems. These skills are highly valuable in our ever changing economy as well as in everyday life. For this reason, those with economics degrees are in high demand in a large number of occupations, whether in business or government. In addition, economics majors are especially sought after by law schools, M.B.A. programs and, of course, graduate programs in economics. Job prospects for those with economics degree at both the undergraduate and graduate levels are expected to remain strong over the next decade.

Why Choose Economics at UMSL?

At the undergraduate level, the Department of Economics offers a Bachelor of Science degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree. At the Master's level, we offer a Master of Arts degree. The Department of Economics also offers the opportunity for high-achieving undergraduates to earn a dual BS/MA degree, which allows students to count some MA courses towards their BS degree.

Our faculty and staff are committed to your success. Economics is demanding but it is also very rewarding. You will find small class sizes and faculty who are enthusiastic about the classes they are teaching and the related research they are doing. The department prides itself on the student mentoring environment it has established.

Although UMSL is largely a commuter campus, our Department provides an atmosphere that is akin to a student's experience on a residential campus. Students work together in our Economic Resource Center (ERC), which serves as a University Computer lab, study, and meeting space. At the ERC students will also find peer tutors (especially for principles of macro and micro). Working together enhances learning.

In addition, many students participate in the UMSL student chapter of NABE (National Association for Business Economics). This group provides a great opportunity to become more involved.

Our program offers diverse course offerings. Over the course of any two-year period, in addition to core courses in micro and macro theory, statistics, and money and banking, students can choose from a variety of electives: natural resource economics, the economics of professional sports, the economics of work, families and public policy, international economics, financial economics, real estate and urban economics, labor economics, public finance, history of economic thought, history of American economic development, and up to five courses in econometrics (including introductory, applied, time series, forecasting, and graduate level).

Our department offers a number of opportunities for our majors to work as research assistants on faculty research projects and to work as peer tutors in the Economic Resource Center. Because faculty members get to know their students so well, they are a great resource for helping students obtain employment or gain admission for advanced work in graduate programs.

The close relationships students develop on campus continue after graduation. Many alumni keep in touch, creating an informal career network that helps them learn about new opportunities. Current students benefit from close contact with alumni as well. Each year, Department alumni return and share their experiences with current students in an event called "Career Day." The alums offer tips on finding a job and provide information about what skills they have found most important on the job. In addition, alumni and current students regularly meet up at our Fall Picnic and Spring Alumni Party.

To learn more about the goings-on of the department and alumni over the last few years, take a look at our recent alumni newsletters.

What do UMSL Economics grads do with their degree?

Our graduates have been admitted into the top graduate schools in the world.

Those who enter the job market with a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree in economics from our department frequently enjoy multiple offers. Recent employers of University of Missouri - St. Louis students include: Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, MasterCard, Southwestern Bell, Wells Fargo, Edward Jones, and Caterpillar. For more on what our alumni are doing, see our most recent alumni newsletters and "Where our Graduates Work" below.


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Where Our Graduates Work


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