Learn about the Nobel Laureate, Simon Kuznets

Each fall the Department of Economics gives this award to the student who is deemed to have written the best quantitative economics essay (paper) covering a general economics topic during the previous academic year.

Year Graduate Undergraduate
2019 Andrew Tipping Derek Wetherell
2018 Maia Elkana Nicolette Seder
2017 Andrew Zack Emma Nix
2016 Abigail Wood Andrew Tipping
2015 Aaron Levin Andrew Zack
2014 Christal Wanjun Zhu Mark Amoroso
2013 Stephanie Buckley Santina Grzac
2012 Laura Darby Marisa Klein
2011 Laura Darby Matthew Delventhal
2010 Dan Luethje
2009 Laura Darby
2008 Kyle Eilers
2007 Eric Tyhurst
2006 Daniel Gleitz  Jamie M. Brown
2005 Atlena Therodorou Justin Sabin
2004 Brian Buckles
2003 Kathleen Early
2002 Kathleen Early Joshua Ulrich
2001 Alexei Makarkin Brook Daly / Alexei Makarkin
2000 Stephen Majesky