I am delighted that you have taken the time to visit us and I encourage you to visit us in person at the department's main office in 408 SSB.

Nearly every decision that a person, business, or government makes falls under the purview of economic analysis. Economics provides us with tools that shed light on surprising questions, ranging from how a country should fight a war to the effect of tax law on the frequency of marriage. Economics provides a uniquely rigorous approach to the study of human behavior. Finally, those with economics degrees are in high demand in a wide variety of occupations. Economics majors are especially sought after by law schools, MBA programs and, of course, graduate programs in economics.

The Department of Economics offers Bachelor of Science, Bachelor of Arts, and Master of Arts degrees. We also have a number of opportunities for students to work as research assistants on research projects, as teaching assistants in the Economic Resource Center, and as interns outside the university.  Those who enter the job market with a degree in economics from our department frequently enjoy multiple offers.  And students from our program have been accepted into top economics PhD programs.

Our faculty and staff are committed to your success. Economics is demanding but it is also very rewarding. If you think you might want to give economics a try, I encourage you come by and see us. You can visit the Economics Resource Center at 452 SSB to meet some of our current majors. You can drop by the main office at 408 SSB to chat with Judy Cates, our Business Support Specialist, or you can drop by 402 Tower to see Michael Allison or 302 Tower to see Clinton Greene, the department's Undergraduate Advisors. If you are interested in our master's program, you can drop by 310 Tower or 406 SSB to chat with me.

Donald Kridel, Chair
Director of Graduate Studies
Department of Economics


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