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VNCviewer for Windows CE 2.x

vncce1_medium.jpg (15998 bytes)
Now you can view X Windows applications on your PDA!

The VNC viewer for Windows CE is based heavily on the Win32 viewer.  It requires Windows CE 2.0 or later.  

To install, make sure that TCP/IP is working correctly on your WinCE machine (try browsing the web), and we suggest you set the communications link to the fastest speed it can manage. Try connecting to the smallest desktop you can, initially.   If you're viewing a PC or Mac, set the server's screen to 640x480 or so and 256 colours. If you're connecting to an Xvnc server, then you can of course create a desktop of any size you like. Larger screens will work - I've viewed a 1280x1024x24 screen here, but the initial screen download takes quite a while, and in this version a copy of the entire remote screen is kept in the PDA's memory, so you'll need plenty of RAM free!

Copy the appropriate vncview.exe binary onto the PDA and run it. If you have used the Windows viewer the dialogs and menus should look very familiar.  You might want to use the Options button in the Connection dialog to request 8-bit pixels only.  You can set this from the command line, so I suggest you create a shortcut to the vncview executable and include the '-8bit' option in the target command line.
Most of the command-line arguments and options are taken directly from the Win32 viewer, and you should look at the Windows viewer documentation for more details. The Windows CE viewer does not operate in full-screen or listening mode.  There is no console-mode debugging, and some of the other Win32 viewer options are not implemented.

vncce2.jpg (33135 bytes)vncce3.jpg (100247 bytes)

This is certainly the smallest X terminal I've ever used!

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