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The Transportation Club at UMSL



The purpose of the Transportation Club is to encourage and foster student understanding of the transportation and logistics industry, past and present. 


  • To strive to show students at UMSL, real-world examples of how the study of transportation and logistics is applied and is essential to business activities today and in the past.
  • To facilitate social contact between and among students and industry professionals of logistics and transportation firms.
  • To provide a forum for professional development. 

The objectives of the Transportation Club at UMSL include providing opportunities for UMSL students to see real-world examples of how transportation and logistics are applied and are essential to business activities and facilitating social contact between and among students and industry professionals of transportation and logistics firms. Club activities are designed to showcase the importance of transportation and logistics, point out job opportunities in the industry, and help students network with industry professionals.

Transportation Club Officers

Michel Mayouba ----President and Public Relation Coordinator
Brian Tull ----Vice president
Dustin Price---- Secretariat
Helene Bassimana ---- Treasurer
Marilyn Cifuentes ---- Senator and Activity Coordinator
Shao Wei (Kevin) Chiang ---- Membership Chair and Student Coordinator


Faculty Advisor

Dr. Jill Bernard Bracy