The Department of Communication has offered a wide variety of online courses for more than a decade and boasts a faculty with vast experience in delivery, instruction, methodology, and curriculum development. All of the department’s core courses (except for the practicum/internship, which does not require visits to campus) and many of our elective courses are regularly offered online. 

Web-based instruction offers flexibility to working students, provides access to geographically distant students, and offers educational opportunities to individuals who are homebound for any number of reasons. Virtual classrooms - complete with streaming videos, discussion forums, wikis, blogs, and other interactive elements - give students the opportunity to become more active participants in their education. Current methodology and cutting edge technology are utilized as part of the Blackboard platform in the delivery of our courses.

You may wish to review the Department of Communication’s Online Handbook for more information about online instruction, including some of the differences between the virtual and traditional classroom.

Signing up for Online Courses

Online courses are available only to registered students. If you are interested in taking an online course but are not a registered student at UMSL, you must first apply for regular admission. Learn more about becoming a student at UMSL by following this link:

Accessing Online Courses

If you would like information on how to access the web-based courses using MyGateway, please visit one of the computer labs on campus. Alternatively, there is a comprehensive online tutorial available. Finally, the Department of Communication’s Online Handbook includes an overview of the most commonly used resources that faculty use in web-based courses.

Online Communication Courses Offered

Required Courses for a BA in Communication

1030 – Interpersonal Communication

1050 – Introduction to Mass Media

2231 – Communication in the Organizational

3330 – Research Methods I

3332 – Intercultural Communication


Elective Courses that may be applied to a BA in Communication

1000 – Effective Communication for College

1135 – Communication Theory

1150 – Introduction to Public Relations

2232 – Effective Communication in the Organization: Tools for Leadership

3150 – Crisis, Disaster and Risk Communication

3336 – Communication in Advertising

3337 – Male/Female Communication

3360 – Media and Health Communication

3361 – Interpersonal Health Communication

3370 – Social Media and Public Relations

3395 – Special Topics in Communication

3400 – Communication and Behavior

3410 – Nonverbal Communication

3500 – Dysfunctional Communication

3510 – Communication in Conflict

3520 – Communication Barriers I

3521 – Communication Barriers II

3600 –Communication and Families

3700 – Computer-Mediated Communication

4100 – Communication Campaigns