The M.A. in Communication is designed to offer a convenient, high-quality graduate education to students with a variety of interests and professional goals. For individuals who are interested in pursuing a doctorate in communication, we provide first-class preparation that can make students competitive at even the most prestigious institutions. Our graduate faculty come from major universities, and are closely associated with mainstream scholarship and innovative research. For students who intend to apply communication knowledge and skills in the workplace, we provide an excellent program of study that can be tailored to help meet almost any professional goal. In addition, our graduate program offers workforce development to major corporations and organizations in the greater St. Louis area, providing an effective and economic alternative to an internal Training and Development infrastructure. Finally, the practical and theoretical knowledge woven throughout the curriculum can facilitate the achievement of a broad range of personal and professional goals.

Students in the program typically specialize in either organizational or mass communication. Organizational communication focuses on effective communication within organizations, the influence of structural elements on interaction and decision-making processes, and the factors that impede or enhance existing network and channel capacities. Mass communication focuses on the effects of media on the attitudes, behaviors, and beliefs of audience members (including the cultural factors that moderate these relationships), as well as industrial policies and practices that influence mass media content, form, and structure.

If you have further question about the Communication M.A. program, please contact Alice Hall, the Graduate Program Director,