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Introducing Cascade 8

Cascade 8 was successfully transitioned into the production CMS environment on Oct. 30.  Work continues with updating the master template and site styles.  Known issues currently being worked on include:

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UMSL's Content Management System, Cascade, was upgraded to version 8.4.1 on October 30, 2017

Cascade 8 is a major release that introduces a completely redesigned and reorganized interface for CMS site managers to build and edit pages. It's an exciting upgrade, bringing a modern interface to simplify the user experience and it's faster and usable on more devices.

But, with any changes, you'll need to get comfortable using the new system. So, we're offering a number of opportunities for you to experience Cascade 8. We're also updating all of our CMS documentation so you can work with confidence. 

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Content Creation - Knowledge Base for Cascade CMS 8

New Template, New Look

The Cascade 8 upgrade, in and of itself, only changes the site manager interface and not the way that our published, live pages look. But, what better time to refresh the look of our site?  We've taken the opportunity to update some of our global assets, in-page styles and added a new master page template to create pages. 

What are the design changes?

First, it's important to know that UMSL is not changing its branding guidelines, so core elements such as our university logotype and colors will not change. However, we will make style changes to global web assets including our standard header/footer across all sites and key in-page styles found in the WYSIWYG drop down menu. These styles include changes to formats you already use like alerts, tables, buttons, and header fonts. And, we're adding new styles like lead paragraph text styles, content subhead text styles, and approved font colors - red, gold and blue. Once the upgrade is complete, we will update our Web Styleguide to provide you with helpful instructions to make the most of the new styles. 

What are the template changes?

Right now, our site managers have three standard templates to create new pages including Unit Home, Unit Slideshow, and Unit Secondary Page. Each of these templates offers its own benefits, however, the new template will bring all of the elements of the three existing templates together into one to give you more control of the layout of your page. And, of course, we added some new features:

Will my current pages using the old templates change?

Yes and no. The old templates will still be intact and your pages will still be available to edit within their original template. However, the new master template will be the only available option as you create new pages. Over time, you may want to rebuild your existing pages into the new template to take advantage of the full range of layouts available. This is, of course, all behind the scenes for our site managers. However, to the public, the design elements that pull from the global stylesheets will change the way your current pages look to ensure they are consistent with the new sitewide design.

What is the timeline?

Are there training opportunities?

Yes. The week prior to the launch and the week after the implementation, site managers may attend a Cascade 8 Upgrade Review Session where we will show the new interface and design elements. Workshops for NEW users will be held Nov. 8 and Dec. 6. And, on and after Nov. 3, we'll hold a series of Working Sessions (open labs) for site managers to come by and work on their sites with the help of our team. View a view schedule on our CMS Training website.

Is training required?

Training on Cascade 8 is not required for current CMS site managers, but it is encouraged. The new Cascade 8 interface is both user friendly and intuitive, but the layout has changed as has the way in which you'll build new pages. As always, new site managers are required to attend training before gaining access to the system.