If you've worked in the CMS before, then you're familiar with templates. Every page starts from one of our templates, and in an effort to give you more options, and better tools to build the pages you want, we've expanded our template collection to span three options. Take a look at what we have to offer.

Unit Home

Features Common Uses
  • A large eyecatching banner
  • Options for 1 or 2 body columns
  • Optional sidebar with related links list
  • Homepages
  • Landing pages for subsections of your site
  • Any page you'd like an image banner on


Unit Secondary

Features Common uses
  • Large open body section
  • Optional sidebar with related link list
  • Optional image gallery
  • Very adaptable, suitable for almost any page


Unit Home Slideshow (Merged with Unit Secondary Slideshow)

Features Common Uses
  • A slideshow with captions and optional link
  • Holds up to 5 slides
  • Optional sidebar with related link list
  • News and Events pages
  • Subpages that need to highlight specific features or functions