Relativity, Gravitation, and Cosmology
1st edition (2005), 2nd edition (2010)

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BOOK REVIEWS of 2nd edition

BOOK REVIEWS of 1st edition

American Journal of Physics (2005 October)

CHOICE: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries (2005 September)

2nd edition CORRECTIONS
Corrections (June 2010)
Corrections (August 2010)
Corrections (September 2010)
I am grateful to Prof A. Zee for pointing out to me several of my errors,
which are rectified in the above-listed patches of corrections.
All these corrections have been incorpoerated in the second printing of the paperback book
in the spring (and available in the retail channels by the fall?) of 2011.

1st edition CORRECTIONS

Corretions (mostly editorial) incorporated into new printings of the 1st edition (Oct 2005)

Initial Corrections of the1st edition
Corrections (January 2005)
Corrections (April 2005)
Corrections (July 2005)
Corrections (August 2005)

I also occasionally give talks; here is the PDF file of my 2011 talk on
 Dark Matter and Dark Energy.