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Books are listed in chronological order, from newest to oldest. Within each year, listings are alphabetical by the first author.

Listings include the authors, title of the book, edition, publisher, year of publication, number of pages, ISBN, and (list) price. If we have been able to locate a review of the book, a reference to the review is cited. Recent Journal of Chemical Education reviews are available online by clicking on them.

Software products are listed under the name of the publisher/distributor.  Brief descriptions of the products are provided, but users are advised to consult the more complete information to be found on the Web pages of the publishers. The hyperlinks address the specific pages for the product, when it is possible for us to address them directly.

Molecular Modeling Software now has its own category, and Models for Biochemistry has been added.

Analytical Chemistry


Chemical Literature

Computers in Chemistry



Environmental Chemistry

Food Chemistry

High School Chemistry

History of Chemistry

Inorganic Chemistry

Introductory Chemistry

Laboratory Notebooks

Materials Science

Molecular Modeling Software

Medicinal Chemistry

Nuclear and Radiation Chemistry

Organic Chemistry

Physical Chemistry

Polymer Chemistry

References for Chemistry Teachers

Supramolecular Chemistry

Teaching Chemistry

Writing in Science

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