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This listing of textbooks and software for teaching chemistry is constantly updated, as we discover new materials of potential interest to teachers and professors of chemistry. We work cooperatively with publishers, using materials that they send to us, books and software that we see reviewed in JCE or elsewhere, and by mining Web catalogs. It is a process that is done as a part-time job by UMSL undergraduate chemistry majors. We try to list only books that would likely be considered for adoption or use in courses. We do our best to provide comprehensive and accurate information about chemistry textbooks and pedagogical software available, in categories that correspond with typical curricula.

Since 1995, we have provided the basis for the Journal of Chemical Education's "Buyer's Guide". The Guide is now published with the April issue of the Journal so that it is available in March, when many teachers are choosing texts for adoption for the Fall semester. It is also convenient to the ACS National Meeting in the Spring.

 Data Provided 
 We include the authors, publishers, dates of publication, number of pages, ISBN, and approximate list prices of textbooks, as well as references to reviews of texts and software if we can find them. Our journal listings include the publisher's name and address, the frequency of publication, the current price of subscriptions for individual subscribers, and hyperlinks to publisher Web pages if they are available.

Listing Order 
 Texts are listed chronologically from most recent to oldest, and alphabetically by first author within each year.

 We quote "list", or "retail" prices. These are intended to approximate what students will pay for them, but there is some variation in those numbers, depending on the amount of local competition. It is very difficult for us to keep prices current.

 This project was begun with contributions from publishers of chemistry textbooks, but it is now sustained through advertising revenue in the Journal of Chemical Education. We hope that publishers will support our work by advertising in the Journal and its Buyer's Guide, and that our users will express their support for this project to the Journal and the publishers whose books we list.

Recent Developments and New Directions 
The Resource Shelf aims to provide information that will support the decisions that faculty members need to make about materials to be adopted for courses. Originally, we included only textbooks and instructional software, but coverage has been expanded to include software beyond the tutorial categories, to molecular models, reference materials, and computer interfacing.

Please let us know about other changes you would like to see.

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