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Nonprofit Counseling Orgranizations

How to Bring CEFC’s Proven Approach to Student Loan Debt Repayment Counseling To Your Community

CEFC welcomes the interest of client-focused, community-service nonprofit organizations that are committed to providing quality financial counseling or coaching to their constituents.

Historically, nonprofit organizations have trained their financial counselors to direct clients who needed guidance repaying student loans to the loan servicers. However, the current student debt repayment crisis suggests that this approach often fails to help clients understand their options, achieve the best outcomes, and avoid default or delinquency.

In contrast, financial counselors at nonprofit organizations participating in CEFC’s Student Loan Debt Repayment Counseling program have been trained to directly and impartially counsel clients who are struggling with student loan debt.  In addition, counselors are taught communication skills and behavior change techniques. The results, as discussed here, have been extremely positive.

Key Findings from CEFC’s Pilot Program

What CEFC Provides Partner Nonprofit Counseling Organizations

If your nonprofit organization is qualified and selected as a partner, CEFC will provide the following:

If your organization is interested in providing a quality, outcome-focused, comprehensive student loan borrower repayment counseling service to your constituents, please contact CEFC to learn more details.