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About the Center

The Center for Excellence in Financial Counseling became affiliated with the University of Missouri-St. Louis in 2009. The Board of Directors of the former Foundation for Credit Education determined that the Foundation’s mission could be best served through an affiliation with an academic institution. The land-grant University of Missouri-St. Louis provided the perfect combination of services and academic leadership to help advance the Foundation’s mission. The Foundation for Credit Education became the Center for Excellence in Financial Counseling at the University of Missouri-St. Louis.

The Center’s goal is to serve as a liaison between the research and academic community to bring evidence-based best counseling practices and service products that benefit consumers to the nonprofit financial counseling frontline delivery. By working closely with academic researchers from social work, personal finance, counseling, and education, as well as experts from consumer advocacy groups, the Center is able to develop and deliver innovative consumer-focused programs to interested nonprofit financial counseling agencies across the country. The Center is committed to evaluating the effectiveness of programs implemented by nonprofit financial counseling agencies.  

To accomplish its mission, the Center develops program content that includes counselor training, support for agency implementation of training objectives, development of process evaluation tools, and conducts outcome evaluations.