Actual registration for MoGEA testing is done through their website.  You will select a test center when registering with them.  Payment for the MoGEA test itself is to the publisher (MEGA).  There is an additional sitting fee to the Campus Testing Center.   

The following will apply to those who will test with us, after having first registered with MoGEA:

The UMSL Campus Testing sitting fee based on your registration with MEGA.

  • $15 for those taking the entire test.
  • $10 per section for those who are retesting. 

UMSL students should first go to the Cashier’s Office (north end of the Millennium Student Center) and pay the necessary sitting fee.  Bring the Cashier’s Office receipt to the Online Test Center (094 J. C. Penney Building).  Campus map available at    

Non-UMSL test takers planning to test on Saturdays should contact the Campus Testing Center (314.516.6396) at least two days in advance of the test for payment details.

MoGEA test takers with accommodations should contact the University of Missouri-St. Louis Campus Testing Center (314.516.6396) for additional details. 


Testing of "all subjects" does not allow breaks between tests and there are restrictions for leaving the room.  Be prepared to remain at your computer throughout the entire test.  Restroom breaks, as allowed, are while test time is running.  

NOTHING is allowed in the test area (not even wallets). If you do not wish us to store your items in the proctor area, please leave them in the car or elsewhere. You may use the calculator provided by (within) the test.  No outside calculators allowed.

Parking at the University of Missouri – St. Louis is by permit only. 

  • Students with parking permits may park as they usually do. 
  • Non-UMSL students are directed to go to the Campus Police Station, near the North Metro Link Stop, to get a $1 / one-day temporary permit. There are two garages near there but perhaps you can park on the lots across from them, near the Millennium Student Center (MSC).  MoGEA test takers should use the parking lots closest to the Online Test Center (Lots A or B).  These are found along Grobman Drive. 
  • Parking for Saturday tests does not require a regular or temporary permit.

Those who register should be especially mindful of the restrictions and rules determined by MoGEA for the test.  This extends to specific details regarding acceptable photo identification (for example, a current state drivers license is acceptable but a school issued ID is not) as well as the use of calculators.  Please note this special reminder that cell phones and other electronic devices will not be allowed in the Testing Center.  (Click here for photo identification, prohibited items, and calculator details)

The following dates are being reported to MoGEA for testing at UM- St. Louis.

Actual assignment to a session at the University of Missouri –St. Louis Test Center depends on your MoGEA registration and other availability. These dates should be for your planning purposes only:


  • Saturday, February 21 -- start time 8:00 a.m. only