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The Campus Testing Center provides services for faculty to arrange:
  • Make-up testing for students who miss an in-class examination.
  • Special testing accommodations for students (authorized by Disability Access Services), which cannot be given during regular classroom testing.
  • Testing for online courses and programs
Whole class testing cannot be realistically accommodated. Students should not be given the option to take exams in the testing center as part of standard course policy.

To submit a paper exam to the Campus Testing Center:

  • Provide the testing center with a copy of the exam and Transmittal Form for Exam Material.
  • Inform the student that they are required to contact us for an appointment during office hours.
  • The exam will be administered according to the conditions specified on the Transmittal Form.
  • The exam will be processed and returned according to the method specified on the Transmittal Form.


Online Testing Center

The Online Testing Center is now operated by the Campus Testing Center. It is located next door to the Campus Testing Center in 94 JC Penney and has space for 26 concurrent students to take web-based exams. Students must arrange appointments for test-taking in advance using the OTC scheduling system. Students are expected to adhere to the same rules and policies as set forth by the Campus Testing Center.

For assistance with setting up exams for students to take in the OTC, please contact the Faculty Resource Center.

Submit OTC Assessment Information

Setting Up OTC Exams