Immediately after completing the ALEKS assessment, you will be shown a pie chart which indicates your % score (Placement Results) on the ALEKS assessment. You can log back in to ALEKS to view your Placement Results at a later time.H

If you achieve the score at or above the prerequisite level for an UMSL math course, you will be able to enroll in that course through MyView within two business days of completing the ALEKS assessment.  Your academic advisor will also have access to the ALEKS score within two business days.

Keep in mind that ALEKS assessment scores expire after approximately 11 months. Students must have a valid minimum ALEKS assessment score by the date listed below for a given semester in order to remain in a course.

Valid dates for ALEKS assessment scores:

What Math Course am I Eligible to Take?

After you have completed the ALEKS assessment, please visit the page below to determine what Math course you are eligible to take:

Also, consider the following: