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General Information

The Campus Testing Center is located in 93 J.C. Penney Building/Conference Center. It is a secure and proctored testing environment where UMSL students can take online course exams, make-up exams, or to test under conditions where special accommodations are needed and authorized by Disability Access Services, by appointment only. We also offer general proctoring services and administer the ACT Residual, ALEKS Math Placement Test, CLA+ (Collegiate Learning Assessment), CPCE (Counselor Preparation Comprehensive Examination, Major Field Tests, MoGEA (Missouri General Education Assessments), and various department placement exams by request. It is a component of the Center for Teaching and Learning.

Campus Visitors 

All visitors to the UMSL campus should obtain a $1.00 one-day guest parking pass. Please see the Parking and Transportation webpage for further details.

Sitting Fees

Additional sitting fees are required for the ACT Residual, MoGEA, ALEKS Math Placement, and non-student testing. Payment is due at time of exam administration. Acceptable forms of payment are check, cash (exact change), money order, or receipt from the Cashier's Office. The testing center cannot accept credit or debit cards.

Online Testing Center

The Online Testing Center is now operated by the Campus Testing Center. It is located next door to the Campus Testing Center in 94 JC Penney and has space for 26 concurrent students to take web-based exams. Students must arrange appointments for test-taking in advance using the OTC scheduling system. Students are expected to adhere to the same rules and policies as set forth by the Campus Testing Center.

  • Valid photo identification is required for all examinees - no exceptions.
  • An appointment is required for all testing. Walk-ins are admitted on a first-come, first-served basis only when there are seats available.
  • The following items are not permitted in the testing rooms:
    • Cellular phones and electronic devices capable of wireless communications
    • Backpacks, bags, purses, etc.
    • Food and drinks
    • Heavy coats
    • Textbooks, notes and supplemental materials unless explicitly stated by the instructor
  • Examinees are expected to remain at their seat for the duration of the exam session.
  • Talking to or disturbing other test-takers is prohibited. If you have a question or need assistance, please raise your hand to alert the proctor. Proctors cannot assist students and candidates with questions related to exam material.
  • Testing center computers are for authorized testing purposes only.
  • Special testing accommodations must be authorized by the Office of Disability Access Services.
  • Students are expected to adhere to UMSL academic integrity guidelines. Suspected academic dishonesty will result in exam termination and will be reported to the course professor.
  • Visitors and children are not permitted in the testing center. Please see UMSL Guidelines for Children on Campus for further details.

The testing center can proctor exams for non-students and students enrolled in online programs at external instructions. An additional proctoring fee is required and is due at time of exam administration:

  • $10.00 – Missouri institutions
  • $25.00 – out-of-state institutions

There is no proctoring fee for students enrolled at the following St. Louis region community colleges: East Central College, Jefferson College, Mineral Area College, St. Charles Community College, and St. Louis Community College.

Many UMSL online programs have a blend of exams, papers, projects, and assessment activities that take place completely online. Other courses require students to come to a testing center to take their exams in a proctored environment. If an UMSL student cannot physically come to the UMSL campus to take mandatory exams, the student needs to locate an authorized offsite testing location.

Students must provide their chosen offsite testing location with an Offsite Testing Request Form, to be submitted to UMSL via no later than five business days prior to the exam. Once this form is submitted, exam information will be sent directly to the proctor via email. Under no circumstances will exam information or materials be released directly to the student.

Students testing offsite are responsible for any parking or proctoring fees that the offsite testing location may require for external examinees. Questions pertaining to scheduling offsite exams should be directed to the proctor or the offsite testing location, and not to the UMSL Campus Testing Center or to the student's instructor.

Greater St. Louis Region - Approved Offsite Testing Centers

UMSL students testing offsite at these locations may not be expected to pay proctoring fees.

Sarah Butler, Coordinator (314) 516-5198 |

Kay Edwards, Testing Assistant (314) 516-6396 |

Megan Hill, Testing Assistant (314) 516-6396 |