James F. Campbell

Professor of Management Science & Information Systems
College of Business Administration
University of Missouri - St. Louis
One University Boulevard
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499  USA
campbell AT umsl.edu

  • Ph.D. Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley, 1987
  • M.S. Industrial Engineering & Operations Research, University of California, Berkeley, 1983
  • B.S. System Science & Mathematics, Washington University, 1981
  • Teaching:
  • Primary areas: Logistics, Supply Chain Management, Management Science, Operations Research
  • 2013 Anheuser Busch Excellence in Teaching Award
  • Courses:
  •     - LOGOM 3320: Introduction to Operations Management
        - LOGOM 4330: Business Logistics Systems
        - LOGOM 6330: Business Logistics Systems
        - LOGOM 6350: Management Science Methods
        - LOGOM 7390: Research Seminar in LSCM
        - LOGOM 7393: Doctoral Seminar: Continuous Approximation Modeling & Location Analysis
        - Global Supply Chain Management for international executive MBA programs in Finland and China

  • Primary Interests: Mathematical modeling of logistics and transportation systems, especially facility location
  •     - Hub location
        - Snow removal and disposal
        - Supply chain management with environmental considerations
        - Continuous approximation modeling
  • 2005 Douglas E. Durand Award for Research Excellence
  • Selected recent sponsored research projects:
  •     - Sustainable Supply Chain with Stochastic Demands, Research Grants Council of Hong Kong
        - Analysis of Carbon Emission Regulations in Supply Chains with Volatile Demand, U.S. Department of Transportation
        - Optimizing School Bus Routing in Missouri, University of Missouri Research Board
        - Tanker Deployment Planning for Aerial Refueling, L3 GSI, Inc. for the U.S. Air Mobility Command at Scott Air Force Base.
        - Geographic Information Systems for Tracking Vessels on the Inland Waterways, U.S. Geological Survey (U.S. Army Corps of Engineers).

  • Selected recent publications:
  •     - "Multiple Allocation Hub Location Model with Fixed Arc Costs", Geographical Analysis, 2014.
        - “Modeling Mixed Load School Bus Routing”, in H-J. Sebastian, P. Kaminsky, T. Muller (eds.) Quantitative Approaches in Logistics and Supply Chain Management, Lecture Notes in Logistics, Springer, to appear 2014.
        - “A Stackelberg Hub Arc Location Model for a Competitive Environment”, Computers & Operations Research 47, 27-41, 2014.
        - "Impact of Shipper’s Choice on Transportation System Congestion and Performance: Integrating Random Utility with Simulation”, Transportation Journal 53(2), 143-179, 2014.
        - “Environmental Performance – Impacts of Vendor-buyer Coordination”, International Journal of Production Economics 145, 683-695, 2013.
        - “A Continuous Approximation Model for Time Definite Many-to-Many Transportation”, Transportation Research Part B 54, 100-112, 2013.
        - “Twenty-Five Years of Hub Location Research”, Transportation Science 46 (2), 153-169, 2012.
        - “Teaching Supply Chain and Logistics Management Through Commercial Software”, International Journal of Logistics Management 21, 293-308, 2010.
        - “Designing Hub Networks with Connected and Isolated Hubs”, Proceedings of the 43rd Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-43), IEEE Computer Society, January 2010.
        - “Hub Location for Time Definite Transportation”, Computers & Operations Research, 36, 3107-3116, 2009.
        - “Simulation of Alternative Approaches to Relieving Congestion at Locks in a River Transportation System”, Journal of the Operational Research Society 60, 519-533, 2009.
        - “The Sector Design and Assignment Problem for Snow Disposal Operations”, European Journal of Operational Research 189, 508-525, 2008.
        - “A Survey of Models and Algorithms for Winter Road Maintenance System Design. Part III: Vehicle Routing and Depot Location for Spreading”, Computers & Operations Research 34, 211-257, 2007.
        - “A Survey of Models and Algorithms for Winter Road Maintenance System Design: Part IV: Vehicle Routing and Fleet Sizing for Plowing and Snow Disposal”, Computers & Operations Research 34, 258-294, 2007.
        - “Modeling Net Rates for Expedited Freight Services”, Transportation Research E, 192-207, 2007.
    Other Information:
  • Associate Editor, OMEGA
  • Associate Editor, Transportation Science
  • Editorial Advisory Board, Transportation Research Part B, Journal of Business Logistics, Journal of Revenue Management
  • Fulbright Senior Scholar, Melbourne, Australia, 2000
  • Hobbies:
  • Reading, especially histories of technology and exploration; Music; Wine
  • Skiing, Scuba diving, Hiking in the Sierra Nevada
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