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2015 Seminars

October 26, 2015                  
Terry Rosenberry, Mayo Clinic Jacksonville, “Functional Roles of the Peripheral Site in Acetylcholinesterase” (host: Nichols)
4:00 pm, Benton 451

November 2, 2015                
Amon Kohen, University of Iowa, “Enzymology from organic and physical prospective” (host: Spilling)
4:00 pm, Benton 451

November 9, 2015                
Vicki Wysocki. Ohio State University, “Mass Spectrometry in Structural Biology: Ion Mobility Coupled to Surface-induced Dissociation” (host: Bythell)
4:00 pm, Benton 45

November 13, 2015
BCBT Symposium on Microbes, Stadler 104
1-2 pm: Larry Wackett, University of Minnesota "An Ancient Enzyme Re-emerges: Cyanuric Acid Hydrolase and Water Disinfection"
2-3 pm: Jeri Barak, University of Wisconsin "Salmonella enterica interactions with phytophagous insects"
3-3:30 Coffee Break
3:30-4:30 pm: Lawrence David, Duke University "Perturbing the human microbiome"
4:30-5:00 pm: student discussion with speakers

November 30, 2015
Timothy Wencewicz, Washington University, “Not All Beta-Lactam Antibiotics Are Created Equal: The Story of Tabtoxinine-Beta-Lactam” (host: Bashkin)
4:00 pm, Benton 451

December 7, 2015                 
Aron W. Fenton, University of Kansas Medical Center “Counteracting hyperglycemia by targeting allosteric regulation of liver pyruvate kinase” (host: Dupureur)
4:00 pm, Benton 451