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2013 Seminars

August 26, 2013:
Tomasz Heyduk (host: Dupureur)
Saint Louis University
"Biophysical and Bioanalytical Applications of Next Generation Sequencing"
Benton 451, 4:00 pm

Sept 17, 2013:
Dabney Dixon
Georgia State University
"Uptake of Heme in Bacteria:  The Story of Streptococcus pyogenes and Cornyebacterium diphtheriae"
Benton 451, 2:00 pm

October 25, 2013:
BCBT Symposium on Nucleic Acids
Stadler Hall Auditorium (Room 104), 1:00 pm

October 28, 2013:
Carl Frieden (host: Nichols)
Washington University
"ApoE3 vs. apoE4 and Alzheimer’s Disease An enigma wrapped in mystery wrapped in a riddle"
Benton 451, 4:00 pm