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Undergraduate Degree Program

Biochemistry & Biotechnology
Bachelor of Science

This B.S. degree in Biochemistry & Biotechnology is offered in cooperation with the Department of Biology and the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry at the University of Missouri-St. Louis. Students receive solid foundations in both chemistry and biology, as well as the opportunity to specialize in the rapidly growing fields of biochemistry and biotechnology. This degree program allows students to acquire the knowledge and develop the skills necessary to enter the biotechnology and life sciences workforce or to pursue further studies at the professional or graduate level.

Students must satisfy the university and college general education requirements and take a Major Field Achievement Test (MFAT) in the last semester before graduation. There is no foreign language requirement. Students are encouraged to gain undergraduate research experience in the laboratory of a faculty member of the Biochemistry & Biotechnology Program.

Degree Requirements


Projected semester schedule of
course offerings in Biochemistry & Biotechnology


Biology Course Offerings Chemistry Course Offerings
Biology Course Descriptions Chemistry Course Descriptions
Course Equivalency for Transfer Students

Core Courses

For general education requirements, please contact the advising office



Biol 1811, Introductory Biology: Cells to Organisms A minimum of high school chemistry, English 1100 or equivalent (may be taken concurrently), and placement into college algebra or higher.
Biol 2012, Genetics Biology 1811 and Chemistry 1111 (or chemistry 1082 plus chemistry 1091)
Biol 2013, Genetics Laboratory Concurrent registration in Biology 2012, or by permission of instructor.
Biol 2482, Microbiology Biology 1811 and Chemistry 1111 (or Chemistry 1082 plus Chemistry 1091)
Biol 2483, Microbiology Laboratory Biology 2482 (may be taken concurrently).
Biol 3622, Cell Biology Biology 1811, Chem 1111, 1121, and 2612 or equivalents
Biol 4602, Molecular Biology Biology 2012 & Biology 4712, or consent of instructor.


Chem 1111, Introductory Chemistry I Mathematics through college algebra and trigonometry (may be taken concurrently).
Chem 1121, Introductory Chemistry II Chemistry 1111 or advanced placement.
Chem 2223, Quantitative Analysis Chemistry 1121
Chem 2612, Organic Chemistry I Chemistry 1121.
Chem 2622, Organic Chemistry II Chemistry 2612
Chem 2633, Organic Chemistry Laboratory Chemistry 2612
Chem 3302, Physical Chemistry for Life Sciences Chemistry 2612 and Mathematics 1800 or Mathematics 1100, and Physics 1012

Mathematics & Physics

Math 1030, College Algebra A satisfactory score on the university's mathematics placement examination
Math 1035, Trigonometry MATH 1030 or concurrent registration

Math 1100, Basic Calculus
Math 1800, Analytical Geometry and Calculus

Mathematics 1030 or a satisfactory ACT Math score, or a satisfactory score on the university's proficiency examination
Math 1030 and 1035, or a satisfactory ACT Math score along with a satisfactory score on the university's trignometry examination, or satisfactory scores on both the university's mathematics proficiency examination and the university's trigonometry examination
Phys 1011, Basic Physics I Math 1800 or 1100 may be taken concurrently
Phys 1012, Basic Physics II Physics 1011

Biochemistry & Biotechnology

Biol 4712
Chem 4712, Biochemistry

Chemistry 2612 and either Biology 1811 or Chemistry 2622.

Chem 4733, Biochemistry Laboratory

Biology 4712 or Chemistry 4712 (may be taken concurrently), and Chemistry 2223.
Chem 4722, Advanced Biochemistry Chemistry 4712 or Biology 4712.
Biol 4614, Biotechnology Laboratory I Biology 2012 or consent of instructor
CHEM/BIOL 4797, Biochemistry and Biotechnology Seminar MFAT: Major Field Achievement Test is given in this course.

Biochemistry & Biotechnology Electives

(A minimum of 9 credit hours)

Biol 4612, Molecular Genetics of Bacteria Biology 2012 and Biology 2482.
Biol 4615, Biotechnology Laboratory II Prerequisites: Biology 4614 and either Biology 4602 or Biology 4612, or consent of instructor.
Biol 4622, Molecular Cell Biology Biology 4602, biology 3622, & Biology 4712, or consent of instructor
Biol 4632, Nucleic Acid Structure and Function Bio 2012 & 4712 or equivalent, or consent of instructor.
Chem 4722, Advanced Biochemistry Chemistry 4712
Chem 4764, Interdisciplinary Topics in Biochemistry Biology 4614 and either Biology 4602 or Biology 4612, or consent of instructor.
Chem 4772, Physical Biochemistry Chemistry 3312 or Chemistry/Biology 4712