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Biochemistry & Biotechnology Graduate Internship

Application Form

Student Responsibilities

Before the internship begins

During the internship

Mentor/Supervisor Responsibilities


One credit hour of internship is equal to about 10 hours of internship work per week for one semester (15 weeks). In the summer, one credit hour of internship is equal to about 15 hours of internship work per week for 10 weeks. No internship can last less than 10 weeks, no matter how many hours are worked because 10 weeks in the minimum time for an appropriate internship experience. This means that students who want to earn internship credit for the summer must either begin the internship in May or must extend the internship into August, which will usually result in a delayed grade with the actual grade given after the paper is submitted and evaluated. Students graduating in August cannot take internship credit in the summer unless they can complete the 10-week internship in time to receive a grade at the end of the official summer term, since they cannot get a delayed grade.

No student can earn more than 3 credit hours in a 15- week semester and no more than 2 credit hours in the summer semester.

Written Paper


Plagiarism will not be tolerated and will result in a grade of zero for the work. In addition the student will be reported to the administration for academic dishonesty.

Plagiarism is defined as stealing the words or ideas of others and presenting them as your own. To avoid plagiarism you must: (a) not use the words of others (* see note below) without formally citing the author of those words, and (b) not present the ideas of others without formally citing the author of the idea.

To cite others properly you must reference your source in the text of your written paper and list your sources at the end.

* If you copy a sentence but change a few words in the sentence you are still plagiarizing. Lawyers define plagiarism as more than three consecutive words copied from another. If you choose to copy the words of another then you must use quotation marks to indicate that you are copying.

Internship Grade

The grade will be determined solely by the official UMSL instructor and will be based primarily on the quality of the paper (including correct use of English, spelling and grammar) and the quantity and quality of the work performed as described in the paper, as well as the evaluation of the student's performance by the mentor/supervisor.