Biolunch  2013

Wednesdays at 12:30 in Benton 445

August 28 - Oyomoare Eruogun, "Species composition and functional trait variation: responses to logging history in Kibale National Park, Uganda."

October 2 - Peter F. Stevens, "Seed plants - but only a few of them - as drivers of biosphere evolution over the last 100my."

Topics in Molecular and Cellular Biology Journal Club 2013

Fridays at 12:00 in Benton 101

October 4 - Yu Liu (Wang Lab), Research talk

November 15 - Gretchen Spiess (Zolman Lab) and Yuan Su (Wang Lab), Research talks

November 22 - Andrew Harrington (Steiniger Lab) and Yeetoh Chaweewan (Danforth), Research talks

December 6 - Joy Valenta (Wang Lab) and Anthony Fischer (Olivas Lab), Research talks