Barnes College of Nursing
Student Nurses' Association
8001 Natural Bridge Rd.
Administration Building  (Linda Sherman)
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499

Welcome to the Barnes College Student Nurses' Association's (BCSNA) website, a constituent of the National Student Nurses' Association.

Who are we:
The BCSNA is an organization intended for prenursing and nursing students enrolled in the nursing baccalaureate program.

What we do:
The SNA has monthly meetings to read the minutes of the last meeting, discuss current projects, discuss any student representative meetings that took place, discuss NSNA conventions, and prepare an agenda for the following month. The SNA Calendar will inform students when the monthly meetings will take place, dates of NSNA conventions, and any dates pertaining to upcoming projects.

The BCSNA's mission is:
The BCSNA's mission is to contribute to the nursing student's education, help students develop leadership skills, help promote the responsibilities of health care professionals, and to educate the community about proper health care issues.

SNA's objectives:
  • providing a professional organization to students at a local level
  • to serve as a communication channel between students and administration
  • to promote health care, nursing education,and contibute to the community
  • to aid in the development of the nursing student

************BCSNA OFFICERS************
President: Carolyn Smith
Vice President: Dori Bearce
Secretary: Kathy Momeno-Lenahan
Treasurer: Jenny Jordan
President Elect: Nick Crusius
SGA Officer: Elizabeth Fedack
Sponser: Linda Sherman

How do I become a member?

Take me to the photo galary!

View the BCSNA calander!

Please feel free to contact us by e-mail or stop by the BCSNA's office on the second floor of Seton Hall (across from rooms 6 and 17) during office hours. We would love to hear from you!