Anthropology's mission is to teach citizens about the biological, cultural, and historical diversity of humanity, to plead for the dignity of cultural and physical differences, and to insist on an interdisciplinary approach to understanding humanity.


Through teaching, research, and independent learning, the Sociology program provides critical understanding of ways people relate to one another through the organization of society, and of how its structures and cultures influence our lives.

Languages and Cultures 

Languages and Cultures is dedicated to helping a diverse student population acquire linguistic and cultural competence. We offer a Bachelor of Arts degree in Modern Language with a concentration in French, Japanese and Spanish as well as a minor in each of these languages. Additional course offerings are available in Arabic, Chinese, German, English for Academic Purposes, Latin, Ancient and Modern Greek.

Museum Studies

Museums are changing rapidly, and they need professionals skilled in leading the processes that are generating a new, community-oriented style of museology. The University of Missouri-St. Louis offers an innovative graduate program to meet this need.