Anthropology Courses

Anthropology 2191 Introduction to Arabic Culture through Art, Music and Literature (Summer Semester 2013)
Anthropology 2191 Culture of Islamic Societies (Summer Semester 2013)
Anthropology 4308 Ethics in Anthropology (Winter Semester 2013)
Anthropology 4010 Social Quantitative Methods (Winter Semester 2013)

Languages Courses

Arabic at UMSL (Fall Semester 2013)
Chinese 2102 An Intermediate Chinese Course focused on conversation practice, food and culture! (WS 2015)
French 4311 Learning and Teaching about French Art in St. Louis (Winter Semester 2013)
French 4311/5311 Special Topics on French Culture:  The French Presence in North America (Fall Semester 2013)
Foreign Language 4307 Community Based Research: Translating French Historical Documents (Fall Semester 2013)
French/Spanish 2115Intensive French and Spanish (Summer Semester 2013)
Japanese 1005 Japanese Calligraphy (WS 2015)
Spanish 3326 Introduction to Hispanic Linguistics (Winter Semester 2013)
Spanish 4312 Narratives of Friendship in Spanish American Literature (Winter Semester 2013)
Spanish 4312/5312 Voices of Cultural Diversity in the Spanish/American Literary Imagination (Fall Semester 2013)
Spanish 4172 Find the Poet Within, Introduction to Creative Writing (Fall Semester 2013)