Source: An American City: Four Years' Progress,
St.Louis 1949-1953
Born: December 4, 1906
Died: November 23, 1970


Raymond R. Tucker was mayor of St. Louis Mayor between 1953-1965, and was re-elected twice. During his time as mayor Raymond Tucker had the reputation of meeting problems head-on. But throughout his tenure, Tucker relied on the support and abilities of prominent businessmen and other civic leaders through citizen's committees and organizations like Civic Progress for the success of many progressive measures that changed the face of St. Louis in the 1950's and 1960's.

Resume of Raymond R. Tucker Professional Career:

Professor of Mechanical Engineering at Washington University
St. Louis' first City Smoke Commissioner (1940)
Member of Air Pollution Committee
St. Louis Director of Public Safety
Served upon Board of Freeholders

Accomplishments as Mayor of St. Louis (1953-65):

Winner of Richard Beatty Mellon Environmental Award
Passage of City Earnings tax and several bond issues
Supported adoption of Metropolitan Sewer District
Revised City Charter to raise city salary limit
Head of Civic Progress, Incorporated
Revised City Building Code