August 20, 1955

"Downtown sales were only slightly affected by the opening of the branch, which is an indication that the new store serves the greatly expanded population of the suburbs, which appreciated the convenience of nearby shopping facilities."
- From the 1955 Annual Report-Stix, Baer & Fuller

Stix, Baer & Fuller opened its first suburban branch at the Westroads Shopping Center in Clayton on August 20, 1955. The modernistic layout had four floors devoted to shopping and one floor underground for storage and offices. Stix was the first completed store in the Westroads Shopping Center, which would eventually house seven additional stores. There were 1800 parking spaces available for the shopping center customers. The abundance of parking made the suburban Stix more convenient than the downtown Stix. Retail officials believed that the new suburban branches would wind up benefiting the retail environment as a whole. However, by opening the suburban stores, the suburban housewife no longer had to travel downtown to do her daily shopping. This had a major effect on the sustainability of the downtown store leading to the eventual collapse of downtown shopping.

Compare the parking at Westroads' with the Downtown Parking Garage