Walter Winchell on Josephine Baker

Josephine Baker…
Is always looking around for trouble when she goes out to eat.
Is in the picket line at the Stork Club …where there were three Communists marching.
…is pro-Mussolini.
…is anti-Semitic.
…is a troublemaker, and there never was any problem in the Stork Club.
…is noisy and objectionable.
…hates colored people as much as she hates Jews.
…is a very dangerous woman.
…is on the D.D. [drop dead] list, and she should have been there long ago
…is being boycotted for her commie connections by the important impresarios and managers, and she should be.

Walter Winchell as cited in Stephen Papich, Remembering Josephine (Indianapolis: Bobbs-Merrill Company, 1976)