Source: St. Louis Globe Democrat, January 1, 1954


On January 1, 1954, women of St. Louis headed downtown to Stix, Baer and Fuller for the January White Sale. Suburban women often went downtown to purchase the newest items for their homes and families. This simple act of shopping represented an important aspect of women's lives in the consumer culture of America in the 1950s. These women enacted their roles as suburban housewives and mothers simply by going to the department store. Within the stores, these mothers encountered women performing their roles as workers in a society that wanted to keep women in the home. Stix, Baer and Fuller provided a meeting place for women in these three roles. Throughout America in the 1950s, women had to choose between the roles that they wanted and the roles that society tried to impose on them. Many women found happiness as mothers and wives, while others quietly began to rebel by choosing new roles outside the home.

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