Source: Mercantile Library Collection
6th & Washington Av.
Construction Date:
1907 (addition in 1921)
Mauran, Russell & Garden


Stix, Baer and Fuller was one of the city's premier downtown department stores, offering shoppers a wide range of consumer goods. The company was founded in 1892 by Charles Stix, Julius Baer, Sigmond Baer, and Aaron Fuller, all of whom had previous experience in the retailing business. By the 1950s, the store was doing over 50 million dollars of business annually as homemakers from all over the metropolitan area converged on the downtown store to make special purchases or to take advantage of special bargains. In 1955, Stix opened their first suburban branch in order to better serve the growing suburban community. Although the store was open to customers of all races, it maintained a policy of racial segregation in its dining room, prompting frequent civil rights demonstrations and sit-ins.

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