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Printing Frequently Asked Questions

You can login and release your print jobs by pressing Alternate Login at the top right corner of the display panel.  If the panel is blank, press the physical green Start button (or the physical Energy Saver button on some models) to wake up the printer.  Type your Username (SSO ID) press Enter (top right of panel), then type your Password and press Enter.

When you enter your ID and/or password incorrectly, you receive the message “An internal server error occurred. Your username and password combination could not be verified. Please contact the system administrator.”  “Do you want to continue?”  Select the Exit option and you receive “Are you sure you want to exit the authentication process?” Select Confirm.  You will need to start the login process again by pressing Alternate Login.

You can scan your card in any direction: Top to bottom, or bottom to top, with either side of the card facing in either direction.

This message indicates that a personal account is selected for the cost center (this is the default).  You must select a MoCode to charge the print cost to your department.  Select a MoCode by pressing the Account button on the Print Release screen, or use the Pharos Account button on the initial printer panel display to select a MoCode and then click the Print Release button.

Print jobs expire from the queue after 24 hours.  Expired print jobs will show as “Deleted Print” in a transaction history report. You can view print/scan/fax reports from the Printer Transaction Application.

If the light on the card scanner blinks red instead of green when you scan your card please be sure you are scanning your card with the magnetic strip facing down (ID card will be upside down).  Try scanning your card in both directions in the reader, top to bottom and bottom to top.  If you still get a red light, you probably need to replace your ID card.  Some cards are too old or the magnetic strip is too worn to work correctly with the device.  If a faculty or staff member would like to replace their ID card, please go to Student Retention Services located in 225 Millennium Student Center.   There is no charge to faculty or staff to make or replace ID cards.  It is helpful to bring an old ID, another form of ID or your employee number.

Please visit Xerox's Green World Alliance page to access a list of Xerox "Take Back" items and details on recycling them.