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Campus Virtual Tour

To view the QuickTime VR movies in this Virtual Tour you will need QuickTime version 6.0

Navigating the Virtual Tour

  • To continue on to the next page click on the next arrow button. 
  • Once the next page is viewable, you will notice a picture to the right and a map of campus
  • on the left.
  • You may change the angle of view in the picture either by a click and drag from the middle of the picture using your  mouse and moving to right or left, the picture angle will move accordingly or use your right or left cursor arrow on your computer keyboard.
  • You will also notice a red indicator on the map that will point to the viewing direction when you are changing viewing angle. There is a number legend with corresponding building names listed below the picture and map.
  • You can also zoom in or out of the picture by either clicking on the + and - Keys found on the bottom of the picture and map image frame or press down on the Shift key to zoom in or press down on the Ctrl Key to zoom out.


Enter the Virtual Tour


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