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UNIX Services

Delmar provides a Unix-based environment primarily intended for student use.

Home directories on Delmar are freshly created with a 500MB quota.  Home directories from Admiral will be temporarily available on Delmar using an “admiral-readonly” link in your home directory.

Due to major differences between the operating systems and underlying hardware, Delmar is unable to run programs that were compiled to run on Admiral.  In general, most programs used in programming classes can be re-compiled to run on Delmar.

Delmar does not provide space for publishing websites, however instructors may request accounts for their classes to publish websites to a server intended for this purpose. 

Delmar provides a SQL client for coursework utilizing database development.

For information on connecting to Delmar, please visit

Soulard is intended for UMSL faculty and staff users, and is primarily used to publish web pages.

Web pages should be stored within your "public_html" directory.  Your website will be publicly available at (where ssoid is your actual SSO ID).

You may access your home directory through a secure FTP (SFTP) client, through SMB/CIFS ("Samba"), or an SSH client.