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Standard Software Applications

Windows Macintosh**
Operating System Windows 10, 64-bit OS X (Catalina)
Word Processor Office 365 Word 2019
Spreadsheet Office 365 Excel 2019
Email & Calendar Office 365 Outlook 2019
Presentation Office 365 PowerPoint 2019
DataBase Office 365 [not included]
Web Browser Firefox and Chrome Firefox, Chrome and Safari
Enterprise PeopleSoft [not included]
Secure FTP SSH Secure Shell Terminal
Secure Telnet SSH Secure Shell Terminal
Virus Protection Microsoft ForeFront Sophos
Compression Utility N/A Archive Utility
Third Party Applications Adobe Reader, Microsoft Teams and OneNote Adobe Acrobat DC, Microsoft Teams and OneNote
**Macintosh systems also include other software pre-installed by Apple.**


Other software, not listed above, can be installed on your system. Please let the ITS Technician know your needs when you are contacted for installation of your new system. The charge for installing additional software is subject to the standard labor rate.