Windows  Ethernet Instructions

For Student Residence Halls and University Meadows Apartments
Effective Winter 2003

These instructions will assist you in configuring your Windows 2000 or XP computer for the UM-St. Louis campus network. Your computer must have a properly installed ethernet adapter, and it must be connected to the data port with your ethernet cable.

Beginning in Winter 2003, your computer will now automatically obtain a network configuration from a server on the network.

  1. Go Start, Settings, Network and Dial-up Connections.
  2. Right-click the Local Area Connection icon for your ethernet adapter, select Properties.
  3. In the list of installed components, select Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) and click Properties

4. Select Obtain an IP address automatically


5. Select Obtain DNS server address automatically

6. Press OK to save and close the TCP/IP Properties window, and OK again to save and close the Local Area Connection control panel.

When you have completed the preceding steps, open a web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer, or Netscape Navigator. You should see the Online Network Registration page.

Your SSO ID username and password are used to access your network account. If you have not obtained this information, please visit You must enter your SSO ID username and password on the Online Network Registration page. When you have entered your valid SSO ID name and password, you may reboot your computer, and begin using the network.

The University of Missouri St. Louis provides this service to students for educational purposes. The university does not support online communications i.e. ICQ or online gaming. Your university network connection is a privilege not a right. Any abuse, misuse or violations of the Instructional Technology Services "Acceptable use Policy" will result in a loss of your privilege to use the university network for your personal computer.