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Student Ethernet Troubleshooting

Student Ethernet Troubleshooting

If you live in University Meadows:

Have you completed the Information Access Services form?

Do you have a link light?
A network adapter will often have a "link" LED that stays lit while your computer is connected to a network. Some network adapters do not have this LED, particularly Macintosh computers. If your adapter has this LED, but it is not illuminated when you connect your adapter to the data port, you may want to check the following things:

If no link light, or not lit

Is your computer connecting to the DHCP Server?
Please make sure that you have followed the instructions for configuring your computer for DHCP.


  1. Go Start, Run, type command, and press Enter
  2. Type ipconfig and press Enter.
  3. Check the IP address for your ethernet adapter.

Your IP address may be in one of these two formats:
This usually means that your computer has not been able to reach the DHCP server. You will often get this address if your port is disabled. Are you sure you have a link light?
If you have an address like this, you have a connection to the DHCP server. The problem may be related to your network settings, or web browser settings. Make sure that your browser is not set to work offline, and that it is configured to use a LAN connection instead of a dial-up connection.

If you still are not receiving the correct type of network address, try typing within a command window ipconfig /release, press Enter, then ipconfig /renew, press Enter. (On XP/Vista machines the command window is brought by going to Start, then Run and typing cmd and then OK).

Type ipconfig again to check the IP.

If you are still unable to get a connection to the DHCP Server (and the address remains, please contact the TSC at ext. 6034 (314-516-6034).